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Thoroghly Good birthday for city teen


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Rock band shows local boy they're good to the bone
Carol Fox, Mountain
Hamilton Mountain News Photo

(Sep 1, 2006)

It was a thoroughly good birthday present for 16 year old mountain resident David Colantino when his family told him he would be going to see his rock'n'roll heroes George Thorogood and the Destroyers for his birthday. What nobody knew was how much better things could get.

Dave, who has Down Syndrome, has been entertaining his family for years with his full volume renditions of Bad to the Bone and Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job, so when they found out the band was coming to Niagara Falls this summer they bought him a ticket. As Dave and his dad, Peter, were leaving Hamilton for the concert August 11, sister Sarah told him to take his birthday card with him. Why? Was the question on everyone's mind, but Dave still took the card, which plays Thorogood's hit song "Bad to the Bone".

As they stood in the lobby of the Fallsview Casino waiting for the show to begin, dad Peter noticed a man in black whom he thought might be connected with the show. He said he and his son were here for Dave's 16th birthday, and he wondered if the man might be able to have the card autographed. When the man saw the card, he said he knew George and the band would a big kick out of it.

"I'll take it backstage but I'm not sure whether I'll get it back to you before or after the show," said the man whose name was Paul.

Just before the show started, Paul was back with the autographed card and a drumstick the drummer had signed for Dave, who of course was thrilled.

Inside the concert, the band played the opening chords of Bad to the Bone, then stopped.

"I want to dedicate this next song to my new friend, Dave, on his 16th birthday," said Dave's idol, then launched into the tune amid loud cheers from the audience.

Later, at a restaurant, Dave was showing his treasures to the waitress, who summoned the rest of the staff to sing Happy Birthday as she brought a chocolate sundae for the birthday boy. Three tables of people sitting nearby had also just come from the concert, and joined in the singing and cheering.

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