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Google Rank

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Thanks to everyone out there in web world who has helped to make this site more successful than I ever thought possible!

Google nows ranks the 5th most popular GT site on the web. Rock on! Of course, it still sits behind Tero's site (which hasn't been updated in four years!!) and the site at which has hasn't existed for five years but which was the inspiration for this site. Anybody else out there remember the "name your kid George" contest or the little GT heads used to review the albums?

And while I'm naming links, let me acknowledge the important work of Ms. Louann's Man. He maintains a database of all the Destroyer shows. Please visit and support his site, Thoroly Destroyed.


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Okay, so maybe I was a little sleepy last night as I added the lyrics for the new album!

Going over my work today with fresh eyes, I was able to catch many slight errors and few biggies. As of five minutes ago, however, everything is patched up and should be a-ok. As always, please let me know on the message board if you find that a correction needs to be made...

New album lyrics have been posted

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Hey hey all you rock and rollers out there!

I have spent the evening doing my webmasterly and super-fan duties by transcribing and posting for you the lyrics to the brand new album the very same day it was released.

Hope you're enjoying it as much as I am (more on that tomorrow), but in case you need a little help with the words, here ya go. Have fun!

New picture of Jon Paris & the guys

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As the time draws near to the release of the new album, I'm trying to post something new here everyday. I'm trying to track down interviews and press releases and such, just to have them here all collected in one place. I like where this is all heading.

There are several improvements that I know need to be made, and everything in due time. The next two big improvements will be to the tour dates page and to the band page. Both of those are extremely lame right now. I promise, in the next month they will be updated dramatically.

Now for the most exciting news, at least for me...I'm adding a new pic of GT and the guys with Jon Paris. If ya don't know who Jon Paris is, trek on over to his homepage and learn. It's a terrific website, and it's only because of the generosity of the webmaster that I'm adding the pic. You all will enjoy it greatly. Jon and the Destroyers are long-time buddies, as some of you know. I was lucky enough to catch two or three pics of them together backstage while Johnnie Johnson played at the Madison Blues Festival a couple of years ago.

New News

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As you can see, I've made a major update to this News page. It's now utilizing Movable Type, the coolest content management system in the world.

I'll be posting items here far more often than in the past, and the posts will be categorized for your viewing pleasure.

Have fun and rock on!

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