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Have been without internet connection for a week...bad timing! There have been several stories out there in internet land about our guys' new release. Will get them posted up here as soon as I can...

Site milestone: consistency achieved

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After what seems like forever and a day, I've finally gotten all the lyrics pages updated to the "new" site format. Maybe you didn't even notice they were still in the old style, but it ate at me like crazy!

So anyway - finally! All done!

Rock and Roll Christmas Video

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Thanks to message board poster hankypankyspanky, the full vintage MTV video for Rock and Roll Christmas can now be found in the "multimedia" section of this very site!

Check it out here

reconstruction almost complete

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The re-design is nearly complete...

All that remains are the lyrics pages, and there are about a ga-jillion of them to do and I will work on them as I can during the next week or so.

Hope you guys dig the style and the added functionality!

Please bear with me...

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This site will be under heavy re-construction for the next couple of weeks...I promised to spiff the place up and spiff it up I'm gonna. Please overlook any inconsistencies/broken links/strangeness...

Your faithful site admin,

Five Long Years

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I'd almost forgotten...this month (the 9th, to be exact) is the fifth anniversary of this site! I can't believe it's been this long, I really can't.

Thanks for making this site your #1 GT fansite out there, thanks for continuing to stop by after all these years!


new stuff up on the media page

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I uploaded some new media last night. It's a King Biscuit show from '88 or '89. Rockin' good time. Please do check it out!

More audio on its way

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I have a real treat for GT fans!

Stay tuned here in the next couple of weeks and I'll have some great audio cuts for ya! You're going to want to hear these, I promise...

I'm here to please!

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Feeling ambitious after having just updated the pics section, I've re-done the Media page for you guys tonight. Eight songs now, all from a vintage late 70's era show. Take a listen!

Updated Picture Galleries

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It's been a loooonng time coming, but I've finally updated the picture galleries. The pics section more than doubled in size tonight - I hope ya like'em!

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