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December 05, 2003 01:39 PM - George Thorogood took the House of Blues stage Thursday night (12/4) with his arms raised like a prizefighter ready for battle.

By the evening's second song--the blast "Long Gone," off 1985's "Maverick"--Thorogood and his solid band were already a sweaty rock-and-roll mess. They tore through nearly two hours of scorching blues at the L.A. venue before a crowd of middle-aged, classic-rock-loving, denim-jacket-wearing, beer-swilling freaks. Though sparse, the audience was wild and adoring throughout the show.

Dressed in all black (indeed, his entire band wore all black), Thorogood dropped a rumbling rendition of "Who Do You Love?" just three songs in. The flamboyant frontman pulled out all the rock-and-roll clich

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