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"Ride 'Til I Die" is the greatest record of all time. Simple as that.

The heavens must have been aligned perfectly during the recording of this album, because something like this comes along once in a lifetime, if you're lucky.

All the pieces have come together for the Destroyers on this one. Industry legend Jim Gaines takes over the production helm from Terry Manning, and he has pulled a masterpiece from the guys. The production is better than anything you've ever heard, and the mix is perfect - you can every little thing, and you'll be glad you can. This is also the first record to include the newest Destroyer, Jim Suhler, and his contributions make a huge impact.

For me, "Maverick" was always the definitive Destroyer album. Until now. Take "Maverick" and mix it with "Move It On Over" and then take it to the tenth power and beyond.

For whatever reason, George and the boys have been reinvigorated, they've been shot full of adrenaline and power and melody and harmony and rhythm and boogie, boogie, boogie. Suddenly, the band members are all 21 again and ready to prove to the world that they are, without a doubt, the greatest rock band on the planet. They succeed.

Take whatever measures you need to take to secure yourself a copy of this disc, and the sooner the better. You'll be smiling and dancing and pumping your fists, you'll be doing whatever it is you do when you feel happy and alive and free. You'll also be listening to this one twenty years from now doing the same thing.

Like I said before, "Ride 'Til I Die" is the greatest record of all time. Simple as that.

Classic Rock Revisited review of RTID

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George is back for the attack with a 13-track CD featuring everything Thorogood. Slide guitar, funny lyrics, toe-tapping rhythms and the best damn backing band this side of Delaware. review of RTID

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Since the early 1980s, George Thorogood has delivered heart-felt tributes to his favored blues and rockabilly artists, and he

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