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Eight Hours

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In eight hours, I will have the new CD in my paws.

I cannot describe to you what the Destroyers mean to me, and have meant to me for so long now. Fifteen years! Oh, that fateful day when my best buddy lent me his Maverick cassette and I took it home, put on my headphones, and I came alive. It was like falling in love at first sight - I knew from the first notes of "Gear Jammer" that I'd found musical nirvana, my home. Nothing else does it for me like the Destroyers do.

And following in the grand tradition, I will be at the record store the moment it opens to purchase my copy of the new CD. In '91 I had to skip school for Boogie People, and I've skipped work for every other album. Today will be no different. I owe it to the band. I owe it to myself.

Craig Kilborn performance

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I just saw George and Jim perform "Ride Til I Die" on the the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, and I am so proud of the guys!

George usually seems so nervous when he knows he's being videotaped. But not tonight. Tonight he was very comfortable in his own skin, very confident and calm. It was a perfect performance...truly. GT introduced the song as being written by John Lee Hooker and taught to them by John Hammond, and then he ripped into the song. His playing was right on point, his vocals just like the recorded version. There wasn't a single flub as far as I could discern. Jim sat on a stool next to him and provided the electric fills like the pro that he is. Awesome.

What terrific exposure this was for them and the rest of the band...wow.

Congratulations guys!

Who Do You Love?

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Hey guys! Sittin' here listenin' to the new "greatest hits" collection from Rounder. The sound on these newly remastered songs is terrific, and you've gotta love the live and previously unreleased "Who Do You Love." Just awesome!

I've updated the album page with the new info and uploaded six new pictures from the booklet. They're worth a look, you'll find them on the fourth picture page. Later tonight I'll transcribe the liner notes, but right now I'm off to take a nap.

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