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a short stay for Arno

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The announcement from the Official GT&D page:

"George and the Destroyers would like to thank Arno Hecht for a stellar job of filling in and helping the band with it's transition. The Destroyers are looking forward to the future with a more guitar oriented sound utilizing the talents of Jim Suhler and Special Guest Sax Players, such As the Legendary Eddie Shaw..
Arno has many commitments with his Uptown horns and we are grateful that he could take the time away from his very busy schedule for us."

A more guitar oriented sound. One can only hope!

Thank you, New Jersey Star Ledger

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John Mellencamp has released a covers of album of blues and folk songs. I will remain completely neutral here on what I think about this development. However, I will quote the NJ Star Ledger's review of the album:

"Mellencamp's version of Guthrie's "Johnny Hart," for example, is performed as a straightforward folk-rock ballad that lacks the kick and bite of George Thorogood's covers of nearly identical songs."

Very nice to see something positive about our guy, especially in the review of someone else's work!

ChaosMusic Review

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With Grammy winning producer Jim Gaines at the helm, Ride Till I Die is quite simply the Destroyers