Site Info

1. This is my site. I own the domain

2. I am a fan, and only a fan. I am not affiliated with the band, their management, or anyone else even remotely close to the band.

3. I make NO money from this site. I'm not trying to sell you anything. I do this simply for the joy of web design and a nearly obsessive love of Destroyers music.

4. I try to keep this site as up to date as possible and as consistent and easy-to-browse as possible, but let's face it: I have a life. I have a job and a family and many other hobbies. My time is limited.

5. Lyrics to the songs are provided as a service to other fans. I DID NOT write the songs, and I have no permission to reprint the lyrics here from those who DID. I sat down with headphones and a pen and paper and wrote down what I heard. They most certainly may be incorrect.

If you hear something else, then sing that!

6. All Pictures of the Band on this site are copyright their respective owners. Some of the pics I took myself or my ex-wife took, but most are taken from various places on the web or scanned from albums or band paraphernalia. If you see a picture here you own and want it removed, please contact me via the guestbook.

7. RE: The news/info section of the site. I am constantly trolling the web to find news about the band, articles about the band, etc. When I find such things, I post the entire article or news story here. This is probably not legal. However, my intent is to maintain the most complete news archive regarding the Destroyers as humanly possible. I do provide links to the actual site that I gathered the info from, but links change and sometimes die. This is why I post the entire news item or article.

8. No, I don't have the tabs to any songs. No, I don't deal in bootlegs.