Let's Work Together

Released 1995 by EMI Records
Produced by Terry Manning and The Delaware Destroyers
Engineered and Mixed by Terry Manning
Recorded live at Mississippi Nights, St. Louis, MO Dec. 2&3 1994
and at Center Stage, Atlanta, GA Dec. 5 1994
Mixed at Compass Point Studios
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering

Track Listing
No Particular Place To Go Get A Haircut
Ride On Josephine Gear Jammer
Bad Boy Move It On Over
Cocaine Blues You Talk Too Much
If You Don't Start Drinkin' Let's Work Together
I'm Ready St. Louis Blues
I'll Change My Style Johnny B. Goode

Complete Liner Notes

So it's Saturday afternoon and I get a phone call. "George wants to know if you'd like to write the liner notes for the new live album, "Let's Work Together."

"Sure," I say. "When do you need it?"


Typical. I'm asked to write something meaningful about one of my all-time favorite bands, and I get two whole days in which to do it. But then packaging has never been a priority for George Thorogood and the Destroyers.

For these guys, the music has always come first. The difference between the Destroyers and a lot of other bands is like the difference between rock and pop. Both are considered music, but only one will really kick ass. These guys are players, not posers, and therein lies the essence of this extraordinary band.

Without glitz or gimmicks, George Thorogood and the Destroyers revel in the pure glory of making music. And in doing so, they resonate a joyful noise within us all. These guys play the blues - songs of life penned by those who lived it - and to do this music justice, you have to live it, too.

This brings us to a word that you seldom hear in connection with rock 'n' rollers (especially snakeskin-wearin', beer-drinkin' guitar players), and that word is respect. Whenever I've interviewed George Thorogood on the radio and tried to get him to discuss the contribution he's made, he will invariably change the subject. According to George, he ain't bad. "Willie Dixon was bad. Muddy Waters was bad. And Howling Wolf, now that guy was bad." George has always been more comfortable talking about his heroes than talking about himself.

This new album, "Let's Work Together," captures George Thorogood and the Destroyers in their element - on stage. When it comes to live performances, The Destroyers seem to have more fun than any other band I know. I once asked George what he liked best about playing live. He told me it's the guy who comes to the concert, sticks his head in the PA and yells, "Put the volume on maximum!"

And that's really the best thing I can tell you about this new live album. Just stick your head into the speakers, and put the volume on maximum.

Jim Ladd, Radio Personality/Author