Thorogood goes back to his beginnings on cover album

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By Gary Graff

DETROIT (Billboard) - For his next album, blues-rocker George Thorogood plans a sequel of sorts to his 1978 gold-certified "Move It On Over."

"We're trying to get something like that but even better," says Thorogood, who plans to hit the studio in September or October, after wrapping his summer tour with Buddy Guy August 24. The album, which marks a return to Thorogood's first recording home, Rounder Records, should be out in 2009.

The singer/guitarist had recorded for Eagle Rock since 2003; his last album for the label, 2006's "The Hard Stuff," reached No. 2 on Billboard's Top Blues Albums chart.

Thorogood says that like "Move It On Over," the new album will feature all cover songs derived from his influences.

"I want to balance it between what I know best -- rock, country and blues," the rock veteran says. "That's what ("Move It On Over") was -- songs by Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Brownie McGhee, Chuck Berry, Slim Harpo, Willie Dixon, we covered it all. I don't know anything about jazz or reggae or classical music, but (I do know) hardcore blues, that kind of thing, hardcore country, the real tough stuff like Waylon Jennings used to sing."

Thorogood isn't revealing titles yet, but he says that "we've got a few (songs) we're kicking around that might ring the bell." He doesn't plan to include any originals, primarily because the success of "Move It On Over" proved that an album of cover material could attract an audience.

"In the '70s, I had a lot of people come and say, 'You don't make it unless you write your own stuff,'" Thorogood recalls. "Wrong. You can make a good record of songs you like, as long as the songs are very good and you play them really good. 'Move It On Over' was a gold record without major distribution -- that ought to tell you something. Maybe we can make history happen again."

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