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Ween signs to Rounder for new album

Writer: Rebecca Bowen
News, Published online on 30 Aug 2007

"I always wanted to be on the same label that put out all those early George Thorogood records and now I am!"

So stated Dean Ween about his band's new allegiance to Rounder Records, which will release its ninth studio album, La Cucaracha, on Oct. 23. Produced by longtime Ween associate Andrew Weiss, this album - Ween insists - is its most ambitious since 1994's under-cleavage celebrating Chocolate and Cheese.

This much can be said, at least: only for Ween would a publicist think it wise to promote a new LP by using descriptors like "redneck scat boogie" and "blistering porn rock" in the same breath.

Ween's website states that the band has already booked an American tour of "pretty much every major city in the U.S.A" Dates to be announced.

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