George Thorogood Reissues on SACD

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(This is from a couple of weeks ago - sorry for the delay! - fountainhead)

Also new this week are two George Thorogood albums that have been reissued as Single Inventory Hybrid Stereo SACDs by Rounder Records with the new SACDs serving as the album's new SACD and CD edition. Rounder is distributed by Universal Music in the U.S. market. The new SACDs are the albums "George Thorogood & The Destroyers" and "Move It On Over".

In an interesting twist, the new SACD editions of the Thorogood albums qualify as two of the most stealth SACD releases yet. Unlike most Universal Music SACDs which include an "information bar" on the back of the album jacket (indicating whether SACD Surround Sound, SACD Stereo or CD Audio tracks are present) along with the DSD and SACD logos, all of this information has been omitted from the Thorogood discs.

Instead it simply has a 2003 copyright date at the bottom of each disc along with the text "This product is a Hybrid SACD designed to play in both CD and SACD players as well as SACD compatible DVD players. SACD and DSD and their logos are trademarks of Sony." We'll have to watch and see if future Rounder and Universal Music SACDs use this very low key approach to labeling Single Inventory SACD releases.

# George Thorogood - and the Destroyers (Rounder 11661-3013-2)
# George Thorogood - Move It On Over (Rounder 11661-3024-2)

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